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StartUp TradeUp bridges the gap between education and the real world by providing opportunities to experience, develop, and enhance entrepreneurial skills.


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Why StartUp TradeUp

StartUp TradeUp provides tools to build meaningful, sustainable relationships between the business community, educators, and students. These tools help students prepare for the real world in the classroom.

Entrepreneurship Education

44% of the US economy is accounted for by small businesses


Reskilling Necessary

50% of existing jobs are poised to be automated within the next decade

Major Changes

In the Next 5 years, 44% of workers core skills are expected to change

Booming Entrepreneurship

5.4 million new businesses were filed in 2020 and nearly 5.1 million were filed in 2022

Our Team

Emily Kilgore

Children cannot be what they cannot see. Driven by this philosophy, Emily Kilgore has spent her seventeen-year teaching career in the pursuit of inspiring young people by creating hands-on, experiences-based classrooms deeply rooted in partnerships with businesses in the region.

Nadia Mullin

From her initial role as a Project Manager at an education management organization, transitioning into ESOL education, and eventually immersing herself into business brokerage, Nadia has cultivated a unique variety of experiences that uniquely position her to drive changes in entrepreneurship education and workforce development.

Our Offerings


Building Partnerships

Relationships are the cornerstone of experiential and work based learning experiences, which provide opportunities to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills. We can build new relationships, enhance existing ones and make management and sustainment of these critical partnerships easy.


Developing Curriculum

We will identify the right entrepreneurial curriculum/program and support for your goals, whether it’s something we’ve developed or not.


Training and Professional Development

Whether you want to grow, elevate, or create opportunities for entrepreneurial skill development, our training and PD services can help.

Custom Services

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. This may include creating custom curriculum and programs. It could also include identifying pockets of excellence/opportunities for improvement in your existing organization and then developing and implementing a plan for improvement, enhancement, and/or expansion of those pockets and opportunities.

Turn-Key Offerings

Simplifying and automating learning so that you can have your time back immediately.


Immediate Results

Whether you’re looking to maximize existing relationships or build new ones, we can help!

A Team Who Cares

We built StartUp TradeUp to help you achieve your goals and our team is here to support your efforts.

Children Cannot Be What They Cannot See

It is critical that students explore career paths and opportunities from many different angles.


Great for any size organization


Engaging for students

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