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From her initial role as a Project Manager at an education management organization, transitioning into ESOL education, and eventually immersing herself into business brokerage, Nadia has cultivated a unique variety of experiences that uniquely position her to drive changes in entrepreneurship education and workforce development.

Crafting a New Paradigm in Entrepreneurship Education with EntrepreNew
EntrepreNew Pathways is a high school program uniquely designed for young people to experience and develop the entrepreneurial mindset and to see entrepreneurship as a viable and meaningful path after high school, regardless of their industry or career choice. By meaningfully building entrepreneurial skills through experiential learning, graduates are equipped to succeed in a workforce where approximately 30% of adults are freelancers. Graduates of EntrepreNew Pathways will be well prepared to meet the future demands of the ever-changing workforce whether they choose to enter college, cultivate a skilled trade, or find themselves with the need or desire to create a business.

As fellow of the EntrepreNew Pathways curriculum, Nadia had the opportunity to weave her skills, experiences, and passions into a cohesive and innovative educational framework. Her journey from a CTE student to an educator, coupled with her operational knowledge and understanding of small business dynamics, has been distilled into the creation of EntrepreNew, providing a robust and comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculum for diverse learning environments.

The development process of EntrepreNew demanded a meticulous approach to process development, organizational structuring, and the creation of systems optimized for efficiency – hallmarks that are synonymous with both effective salespeople and entrepreneurs. Nadia’s experience as an ESOL instructor, where adapting complex concepts into accessible formats for middle school students was imperative, informed and enriched parts of the EntrepreNew curriculum. The immersive and experiential quality of language learning in an ESOL classroom is mirrored and magnified in a career tech ed classroom – and throughout EntrepreNew.

This is most vividly illustrated through the guest speakers, mentors, and workshops integrated into EntrepreNew. Many of the business professionals and entrepreneurs who serve in these capacities were a part of Nadia’s professional network during her tenure as a business broker, thereby bridging her educational and business-focused career experiences in a meaningful and impactful way.

Forging Paths in Entrepreneurial Education to Enhance Workforce Development: Bridging Experience, Learning, and Collaboration

Nadia’s journey in developing a curriculum aimed at introducing entrepreneurship, its multifaceted skills, and opportunities to high school students has, in a beautiful twist of fate, propelled her into the realm of entrepreneurship herself. She perceives the creation and evolution of StartUp TradeUp – a company she co-founded – as a testament to the robust and impactful nature of the EntrepreNew curriculum, embodying a practical example of its foundational teachings and principles.

In her role at StartUp TradeUp, Nadia seeks to reshape the future of entrepreneurial education and ensure a thriving, adaptable workforce for tomorrow.

In a world where 50% of jobs are at risk of automation, and more than 30% of the labor force is freelance, the pressing need for entrepreneurial skills – like creative thinking, resilience, adaptability, self-motivation etc. – to be developed is clear.

To this end, StartUp TradeUp is dedicated to crafting opportunities where young adults experience, develop, and enhance entrepreneurial skills as a means to bolster effective workforce development.



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